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How We Got Started…

Todd is invested in all the Pacific Northwest communities in which he works. His presence is synonymous with dedication, leadership, and compassion. As a leader in the construction and development industry, Todd’s influence extends far beyond the realm of bricks and mortar. He is not just a builder; he’s a philanthropist committed to weaving the fabric of these communities tighter, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape he calls home.

At the core of Todd’s mission is the Hear See Hope Foundation, which he co founded. This foundation is a beacon of hope in the fight against Usher Syndrome, a condition of deaf blindness, affecting two of his four sons. Through Hear See Hope, Todd has spearheaded initiatives to raise both funds and awareness, channeling his personal experiences into a powerful force for change. Together with his son Cole, Todd embarked on a monumental journey, scaling the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro in August 2018. This symbolic ascent symbolized not only the uphill battle against Usher Syndrome but also the unyielding power of persistence and resilience in the face of adversity.


Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, Todd’s commitment to excellence is palpable in every home he designs. With an unwavering focus on detail, he meticulously crafts living spaces that transcend mere architecture, embodying the essence of comfort, functionality, and community. As you explore the beautiful neighborhoods built by Millennial Builders, you’ll discover more than just houses; you’ll find homes infused with Todd’s unwavering dedication to quality and his deep-rooted connection to the Pacific Northwest communities he holds dear.

Meet The Millennial Team

We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction. 



Todd McKittrick is Owner of Millennial Builders. With more than 30 years experience in the construction industry, he launched McKittrick Building Company in 2001 and has been independently developing and constructing real estate projects throughout the Puget Sound region ever since. Todd’s strengths include high density project management, sales, problem solving, land development, and value engineering.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Fresno State University. He is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Building industry of Washington (2004-2007), and founder and board member of the Hear See Hope Foundation.



Armando has been working with Todd for 20 years. He oversees all aspects of the construction process from foundation to homeowner walk-throughs and makes sure Todd’s strict adherence to quality is met. We think of him as family.